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About The 1910 Trust

The Cardiff YMCA 1910 Successor Trustees was constituted under a Trust Deed in 1910 and registered by authorisation of the Charity Commission on the 17 October 2005. In October 2015 the Charity Commission registered the Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust as a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registered CIO: 1163822).

The charity does not actively fundraise and seeks to continue helping towards the work of the Cardiff Young Men’s Christian Association Ltd. Charity No. 1155884; Company No. 8151495 to further its Aims & Objectives. The charity also continues to support voluntary organisations; charities and individuals within the South Wales Region.

The objectives of the charity are as follows:

  • To further such charitable purposes for the benefit of the Cardiff Young Men’s Christian Association as the trustees see fit from time to time in particular by:
  1. Proving finance and supporting the association’s charitable work in the community (including supporting activities which encourage and develop the individual’s mind, body and spirit);
  2. Holding property for charitable use within the South Wales region; and
  3. Holding property and other assets for investment purposes if in the opinion of the trustees this would further the association’s charitable purposes
  • To further such other charitable purposes in the South Wales region as the trustees see fit in particular but not exclusively by relieving homelessness and the charitable needs of young people.

Amongst other things the Trust makes provision for the “Trustees to invest monies received by them under the provision of the Trust to be applied to the benefit of the Association”.

In accordance with current Charity Commission guidelines, the Trust has devised a grant-making policy for achieving objective 2 (homelessness and charitable needs of young people) in order to:

  1. Assist applicants to determine whether or not an application to the charity would be appropriate
  2. Ensure that a consistent approach is adopted to the consideration of applications for financial support
  3. To ensure applications are genuine and systems are robust enough to prevent fraud.

The trustees seek to support those activities for purposes which help further the 1910 Trust’s aims and objectives.


In 1997 the Trustees financed the establishment of a trading Subsidiary Green Willow Funerals which was incorporated on the 8 April 1997.  Shares in the company are wholly owned by the Charity and any trading surplus is gift aided to the charity to be held and used essentially to promote and support the educational, social, physical and psychological development of the community and furthering the aims and objectives of the charity.  Providing funding to organisations and individuals in Cardiff and the Vale in an inclusive, ethical and transparent manner; grants are made by majority decision of the Trustees.

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For all queries relating to the types of activities funded, eligibility criteria, or any other matters not covered on the website please contact the Trust.

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