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Application Review Process

The process for making an application is as follows:

  • Stage I
    Applicants complete the checklist and address any questions regarding eligibility to the CEO.
  • Stage II
    The appropriate application form is completed and returned to the CEO.
  • Stage III *
    The application is checked and the applicant notified whether or not their application will be considered and notifies eligible applicants of the date when the funding application will be considered. Applicants will have no right of appeal on the decisions.
  • Stage IV
    The Grants Applications Sub Group reviews applications. Decisions for approving the grant can be made by a majority decision of the 1910 Trust.
  • Stage V
    Grants are issued and, where appropriate, monitoring forms are provided for successful applicants.
  • Reapplication
    Groups are not eligible to reapply for funding for 12 months after their application has been submitted, regardless of whether or not the funding application was successful.
  • Monitoring and Review
    Monitoring forms will be issued and deadlines given for returns. Requests will be made for case studies and feedback on funded projects for publication on the Trust’s website.

* Applicants should note that, as with many other charities, the Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust may receive far more applications than it has funds to support.  Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the Charity and a detailed assessment has been made, the charity may still be unable to provide a grant

The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should their application be unsuccessful.

Review Dates

The 1910 Trustees will consider eligible applications usually in: –

  • February
  • May
  • September
  • November

Contact the 1910 Trust

For all queries relating to the types of activities funded, eligibility criteria, or any other matters not covered on the website please contact the Trust.

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