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1910 Trust Grant Making Policy

The aim of this policy is to guide Applicants in their submissions and Trustees in their assessments of applications.

The 1910 Trust is an ‘Outcome-focused’ funder. In consequence those organisations funded by the Trust must demonstrate how the grant has made a different to the people they support.

The outcomes of the 1910 Trust reflect its charitable objectives, namely:

“To further such charitable purposes in the south Wales region, as the trustees see fit, in particular, but not exclusively, by relieving homelessness and meeting the charitable needs of young people and communities.”

The number of projects which can be supported by the charity is, of necessity, limited to the amount of funds available for distribution in any year.

Focus on Funding

All grant applications therefore will need to meet one or more of the following outcomes:

  1. Improving the quality of life for young people, groups or communities.
  2. Promoting inclusivity in communities.
  3. Ensuring vulnerable young people and adults are supported or helped gain access to support.
  4. Promoting the mental, physical and emotional well-being of vulnerable individuals or groups.
  5. Providing safe supporting accommodation for those who are homeless

Primary beneficiaries will be:

  • Those who are homeless or living in a precarious tenancy situation
  • Young people, groups or communities considered vulnerable or disadvantaged by one or more of the following conditions:
  • Poverty, social exclusion, lack of developmental opportunities or facilities

The 1910 Charitable Trust accepts applications from a variety of different charities, organisations and groups whose aims, and objectives fit with its mission statement, these include:

  • Voluntary or community groups
  • Registered charities
  • Constituted groups or clubs
  • Community interest Companies
  • Schools for environmental or conservation projects
  • Statutory bodies

Geographic area

The 1910 Trust will consider applications from eligible organisations based in the South Wales region.

Types of grants available

The 1910 Trust operates a two-tier system for grant allocations as set out below:

Tier 1
Small grants up to a maximum of £5,000 are awarded to organisations that meet our eligibility criteria

Purpose of the Grant:

Grants will normally be made for capital expenditure i.e., to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as buildings; fixtures and fittings; machinery; furniture and other equipment.  Where grants are subject to be made for capital expenditure, the Trust will not retain any right to the assets after the applicant has spent the grant in accordance with the terms.

Applications will also be considered for the funding of revenue costs for specific charitable objects.  Applications will only be considered if such expenditure is in accordance with the applicant’s charitable aims.

All grants provided are restricted until spent.

What the 1910 Trust awards cannot pay for:

These grants are not available for profit making activities, alcohol, recoverable VAT, statutory activities, contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest, political or religious activities, paying for others to write applications for you, things already paid for.

As an ‘Outcome-focused’ funder The 1910 Trust must demonstrate how the grant has made a difference to the people it aims to support in its charitable objectives, namely “to further such other charitable purposes in the South Wales region as the Trustees see fit, in particular, but not exclusively, by relieving homelessness and meeting the charitable needs of young people, community groups and organisations to the betterment and or enrichment of their wellbeing.

To that end it is important for applicants to ensure that their projects meet the criteria set by the Trust and completing the checklists provided can do this.

Post-Award Review

The Trust reserves the right to request from the grantee confirmation that funds have been spent appropriately.  It may ask for a photograph of any capital items funded by an award, or for a report after a suitable period from the body receiving the grant to update the Trustees on the progress of its project.

Please note: Applicants should note that, as with many other charities, the Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust may receive far more applications than it has funds to support.  Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the Charity and a detailed assessment has been made, the charity may still be unable to provide a grant

The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should their application be unsuccessful.

Contact the 1910 Trust

For all queries relating to the types of activities funded, eligibility criteria, or any other matters not covered on the website please contact the Trust.

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