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Sunshine After-School Club

The focus on these sessions were primarily life skills. Although linked to the national curriculum, sessions focused on hygiene in the kitchen, understanding different food groups, Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine. Sessions also involved pupil  led sessions, whereby pupils set class tasks.

Sept/Oct – 7 sessions – Maths
The focus in these sessions was on national curriculum standards and in  particular readiness for mock exams conducted in schools at the end of the calendar  year. Sessions focused on the main arithmetic areas as well as support for younger students who were not undertaking mock GCSE exams.

Nov/Dec – 7 sessions – Drama
These sessions focused on the arts and were based primarily around curriculum objectives in local schools. These sessions allowed pupils to have extra classes focussed on these  demands and proved invaluable for students in building confidence.

Jan Feb – 8 sessions – English Reading & Art

Mar Apr – 5 sessions – English Reading & Art

Enhanced sessions focussing on English language and literature related subjects. again linked to national curriculum work. These sessions included preparation for national exams and GCSE’s where required. The sessions on art were offered to pupils who requested it specifically and were delivered alongside the main English lessons.

The delivery was conducted through the Sunshine Afterschool club who were already working with children at YMC Plas, this afterschool club was in addition to the existing work with after-school clubs at the centre.  A total of 68  extra children attended the course sessions averaging 7 children per session, in line with the previous Communities First funding numbers of attendance.

Due to a lack of ongoing resources, this project has now come to an end. The Sunshine Club will continue to operate out of YMCA Plas, on a fee paying arrangement for interested young people. The YMCA is currently looking at options going forward on how to maintain this project and the advent of the forthcoming youth wing is considered as a possible option in this regard, utilising YMCA staff in this regard.

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