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TAVS Centre Maintenance

The TAVS Centre comes under HOPE Trust Cardiff CIO. This is the social action charity for Glenwood Church. We aim to engage, support and empower people in Cardiff addressing issues arising from homelessness, addiction, poor mental health and isolation. We seek to be a safe space to be creative where people grow in confidence, see positive change and recognise there is hope, through our bakery, choir, creative space and much more.

TAVS opened in 2001 and the use of the centre has increased significantly.  Over the last couple of years we have invested in the up keep of the building to ensure that it continues to be a building fit for purpose. TAVS only had one toilet and one shower situated downstairs, we planned to have an upstairs toilet and a toilet shower room. We were also keen to have laundry facilities available for use at TAVS as well as replace the carpet up the stairs.

In 2017 we looked to raise £8000 to have the work done. We applied to Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust for £2000 towards the cost which was awarded to us.  By April 2018 we had raised all the money and have now got two new toilets & shower suit upstairs, washing machine & tumble dryer and newly fitted carpets. This has all made a huge difference to TAVS and we are so grateful to Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust for their contribution.


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For all queries relating to the types of activities funded, eligibility criteria, or any other matters not covered on the website please contact the Trust.

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