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Our Funding Impact

Grant funding has provided aerial equipment, hoops, a vault and Velcro mats all essential pieces of kit for outreach workshops.

The Impact Factor

The first 12 months of the Project demonstrated marked improvements in the physical and emotional well being of those children and young people who participated in the circus workshops. Aerial work aiding spatial awareness has been invaluable for those with physical and learning disabilities. Vaulting equipment and mat work has served to support acrobatic and skill development, communication, team building and the fostering of interpersonal skills.

Long lasting bonds have been forged with local communities as a consequence of this work.

The funding provided by the 1910 Charitable Trust has benefitted over 7,000 children and young people during the Accessible Circus Project. This benefit will continue to be appreciated as the equipment is utilised in future community programmes and outreach provision.

“Challenging themselves to accomplish something they thought impossible can visibly change their self-perception and level of confidence in seconds.”

The funding provided by the 1910 Trust to support the work of the No Fit State Circus in its community outreach project has demonstrated both an immediate and a sustained impact on the community groups it seeks to serve. Funding has enabled the Group to expand its work community circus programme, in particular its youth activities in local, disadvantaged communities. In addition to which it has enabled the purchase of equipment that can be used over time for the education, training and pleasure of the many children and young people who make use of it.

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Photography by Dan Green

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