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YMCA Swansea Young Carers Room

YMCA Swansea provides much needed support to young carers aged 8-18, who provide care for a family member.

The YMCA Swansea team said:

“Thanks to the generous donation from 1910 Funding YMCA Swansea was able to refurbish and create a new safe space for young people, young carers and their families.

In March 2021 YMCA Swansea carried out several consultation sessions with young carers to plan and design the new space, held discussions on furniture, equipment and materials are needed.

The work started soon after and included repainting the room, decorating, ordering furniture and materials, and setting up the room.

Since May 2021 the room has been used to carry out different activities to support young carers and the community, this includes:

· Young Carers Assessment – opportunity for young carers to visit the building and meet in person with Young Carers team staff member to assess their needs and provide more information about the service and YMCS Swansea.

· 1-2-1 sessions – opportunity for young carers to have a safe space where they can discuss any worries and put action plans in place to overcome worries and barriers.

· Group sessions – opportunity for participants to have a space where they can engage in fun and educational activities and have a space to participate in meaningful discussions.

· Family sessions – opportunity for young carers and family members to come together to have a well needed break and opportunity to work on positive family relationships.

· Young Carers Forum – this space has been used as a base for the first Young Carers Forum in Swansea, hosting regular meetings so that young carers have a space where they can discuss and address young carers barriers and plan the service, so it meets the needs. The forum is currently working with Swansea Local Authority to look at the next carers Strategy and ensure young carers voices are represented.

· Podcast & Youtube Channel – space for young carers to plan and record weekly young carers podcast and YouTube Channel sessions.”



Photos taken by the YMCA Swansea team.

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